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We are Brookside-Agra,

Brookside Agra , L.C. is in it's 4th generation of operation, including five generations of employee operations. Our world headquarters is located in O'Fallon, Illinois , under the direction of President Don Riesenberg.

Brookside Agra L.C. manufactures and distributes specially formulated feed ingredients and other products for the world agricultural market. BROOKSIDE AGRA L.C. offers a line of high quality, research proven, cost effective, high tech feed additives, which when used properly will help improve the performance of feed rations for all groups of livestock, poultry, pets, and aquaculture. Our very cost effective operating structure allows us to be very competitively priced in today's fast moving market.

During the past few years we have aligned BROOKSIDE AGRA L.C. with other leading manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants to give you better products and service. These people and companies are leaders in their respective fields and have proven to be a helpful asset. This alignment is not a partnership, but gives us a working relationship that is helpful to you our customer.

Contact Brookside Agra L.C. and something good is going to happen

"People like you are our most important asset."

Quality Products

All products surpass the highest quality standards before leaving our plants. They are manufactured to contain high concentrations of active ingredients and only needed carrier. We test everything that goes into the final product, including the shipping containers.


Before a product is added to our line, it must perform and give expected positive results. We use the facilities of leading universities and private laboratories for research rather than having large sums of money tied into capitol facilities. This helps keep our product costs very competitive. Product field testing is completed in commercial operations where such factors as stress, environment, and management changes can effect product performance. All of these factors help assure our products will perform for you.


We are only a phone call, fax, or E-Mail away from our distributors or customers and we offer help where needed. We like to work with people one on one, you won't have to go thru layers of management to get a decision at Brookside Agra L.C. You, our customer, or prospective customer, are the most important part of our service program.

Manufacturing Expertise

Using the latest technology and manufacturing standards, our plants are state of the art and produce quality products. We don't take shortcuts in the manufacturing process to speed production. Food manufacturing practices are in effect in our facilities when applicable.


Using the highest standards for operational efficiency, low capitol investment when possible, and full time operating personnel, our overhead costs are kept low to give you better priced products. Our purpose is to bring you high quality, research proven products at the lowest possible cost, which helps support a profitable bottom line for your operation.